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Due to some recent and significant changes to seanwes, In the Boat With Ben will no longer be a part of the seanwes network. It was a difficult decision among many, but ultimately made the most sense for the sustainability and direction of the seanwes brand.

So Rachel and I were left with the decision: do we continue doing the podcast on our own? Do we put it on hiatus? Do we cancel it altogether?

If the title wasn’t a giveaway, we are going to continue producing a weekly podcast geared toward families. In this episode, Rachel and I get into the details behind the decision and some realizations that could lead to some exciting things in the future.

I wanted to take the time to write out an article rather than the typical show notes so I can outline for you what is happening and what to expect moving forward.

The decision to move In the Boat With Ben was a difficult one on all fronts, but I believe it marks the beginning of an exciting new season for all of us. The two questions I’ve heard most during this transition can be summed up as: “What is happening and why?”

Big Changes on the Network

Recently, the seanwes platform underwent some significant changes. Those of you who are familiar with the seanwes brand and its many offerings probably know that a lot of great content is given away, no strings attached.

Sean believes in providing value first and building reciprocity, which is why our show, and all of the other shows on the network, are ad and sponsor free.

Sean came to the realization that the amount of free content being given away was not sustainable for the business. Bringing the issue to his team opened up a broader conversation about the purpose of seanwes.

The long term goal for seanwes is to be an online university where people can get an education in running a successful business. The clarity of this goal and the desire to adjust the business model to make that goal possible led to some difficult decisions.

Everything had to be considered through the lens of two questions:

  • Is this essential to the sustainability of the business?
  • Does this fit with the ultimate direction of the seanwes brand?

As a result, the seanwes podcast was taken from twice a week to once a week, continuing seanwes tv production was cancelled, and In the Boat With Ben would no longer be a part of the network, among many other significant changes.

Sean and I sat over coffee while he explained his vision and the changes that had to be made. While I felt disappointment, I was in complete agreement and was excited for the new direction.

I was left then with a decision: Do I keep producing In the Boat With Ben on my own? Do I put the show on hiatus? Do I cancel the show altogether?

There Was Only One Clear Answer

At the time, it seemed like a straightforward choice. I couldn’t produce the show on my own because we didn’t have the resources (it takes around $500-$600 per month to keep the show going and about 20 man-hours each week), but I also couldn’t cancel it altogether. I believe too much in what we’re doing to just stop altogether. So, hiatus it was. Until I had an idea…

Family on Purpose could make continuing the podcast more viable.

Rachel has a brand she’s been quietly building on her author platform for the last two years called Family on Purpose.

Family on Purpose was built around journals that Rachel kept for an entire year about our journey intentionally living out our family values. She turned these monthly journals into books and recently released the first 6 in a series of 12. Rachel had some ideas for what she could do with the brand, but it was mostly just going to be books.

One day I thought, “What if we could shape the Family on Purpose brand into something new that could also include a podcast geared toward families? Maybe even more?”

Why Family on Purpose?

That thought became the seed for what we realized could be a way to keep doing the podcast. We couldn’t have done the In the Boat With Ben podcast without the support of the network, which was made possible by the seanwes Community—a paid membership you’ve probably heard us talk a lot about. I still can’t encourage you enough to go check it out. Likewise, in order for us to do something on our own we needed a way to monetize it. We needed a way to make it viable.

We don’t want to have sponsors or set up crowdfunding. We’d rather continue doing the show with no strings attached and provide other paid resources that answer the questions and struggles you’ve come to us about in the first place.

Because Family on Purpose already has 6 books available for purchase, those who wish to could support the show immediately. That won’t necessarily account for all the expenses, but it’s a start and makes it possible for us to continue.

Another reason going with Family on Purpose is appealing is that the title tells you immediately what its about. Discoverability isn’t the most important factor in building an audience, but it could potentially introduce us to a wider audience.

What You Can Expect from Family on Purpose

  • Podcast

The cornerstone of the Family on Purpose brand will be the weekly podcast which will cover many of the same topics we’ve done with In the Boat. We are building the infrastructure for the podcast site and plan to launch early this Summer. I am also working on a live chat system so we can have live interaction and a live broadcast of the shows while we record.

  • Books & Other Resources

The first 6 of 12 books are available right now. The remaining books will be released later this year. Rachel and I plan to continue writing books and guides, and maybe even producing videos and courses.

  • Community

Our podcast offers a ton of value, but we’ve also been having great conversations behind the scenes with people who write in and with people who are in the seanwes community. I’d love to see the value in these conversations being shared in a single place where we can all benefit. We aren’t sure exactly what that will look like, but hope to build some kind of a community that will make that possible sometime in the future.

What’s Happening to In the Boat With Ben?

We’ve recorded 45 episodes that are available at and on iTunes. While we will no longer be adding new episodes, we will be keeping the archive available for the foreseeable future.

Continue the Journey With Us

This transition is a mix of disappointment and excitement. Mostly excitement. We are excited for what is ahead and can’t wait to share more great content with you to help enrich your family life.

Those of you who are on the newsletter will be transferred automatically to the new platform, but if you’re not on the newsletter, go to so we can keep you posted on the changes that will be happening over the next few months.

I can’t say enough how grateful I am for you and that you’ve chosen to come along with us on this journey. To us, it feels like we’re just turning the page in the first chapter. This is only the beginning and we hope you’ll join us for what is to come.